insignificant Takes Home 5 ICTA Awards

insignificant and its cast and crew continue to scoop up accolades during the show’s festival run. So far, the series, which premiered on Amazon Prime Video on January 4th, has picked up 7 Film Festival selections and 14 awards.

The latest accolades came from the ICTA Awards where the series brought home 5 more awards.

Series lead, Drew Margolis took home his third Best Actor Award for his portrayal of Wes Connelly, a teen growing up in the 90s that is conflicted about his sexuality and dealing with the effects of a sexual assault.

“Drew’s performance was subtle but nuanced, and I worried that maybe people wouldn’t pick up on how great of a job he really did.” Series creator Wayne Cella said after the awards were announced. “I’m thrilled that Drew has gotten that recognition.”

Emily Jayne, who plays Wes’s best friend, the caring and fiercely protective Izzy Isler, brought home her second Best Actress award. “Izzy has some secrets of her own as season 1 plays out and Emily did an amazing job of bringing that character to life. We’re very proud and lucky to have her on our cast.” Cella added.

Series co-lead and do-writer, Collin Roach, who plays the somewhat enigmatic Anthony Marshall Jr., the person who makes Wes question everything about himself, took home Best Supporting Actor from the ICTAs. “Collin’s work on insignificant cannot be understated. From helping to write the story to working off screen and the amazing work he did on the screen, I’m excited to see him get recognized.”

Finally, insignificant won for Best Web/New Media series and series creator Cella and co-Director, Asha Brown took home Best Director honors.

“It’s been such an honor to see how this show and these characters have touched people. The feedback has been amazing. Truly humbling. I wrote this story to let people who have gone through these types of issues know that they’re not alone. My hope is that we can get that message out to as many people as possible. It’s a message I wish was out there when I was growing up. And we have plenty more story to tell if we get that chance.” Cella said.

Season 1 of insignificant is available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video. Covered Sun Films has agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds to RAINN, an organization that helps survivors of sexual assault and abuse and The Trevor Project, a group that helps LGBTQ+ youth.

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