Watch the 17x award-winning series, insignificant here.

Watch Covered Sun’s teen drama series about growing up in the 90s.

The Story

A teenager growing up in the 90’s tries to keep it together while navigating love, friendship and trauma as he struggles with his sexuality and deals with the effects of sexual assault.

The Characters

Wes Connelly – Your average 16-year old… with a few secrets.
Anthony Marshall – The one who changed everything. Whether he changed it for better or for worse is TBD.
Izzy Isler – Strong, caring, fiercely loyal and too smart for her own good?
Miles Matthews – The funniest friend a guy (or gal) could have. But what happens when the jokes aren’t enough?
Dana Palmer – The most popular girl in school. Always falling for the WRONG guy. Rob is such a d!€k!
Helen Connelly – Loves to speak her mind, regardless of who it pisses off (but especially if it’s her ex-husband). Favorite pastime: Snooping
Ray Connelly – He really is TRYING! To make things right. To make connections.


“Engaging & Very Well Written; Heartfelt portrayal of Life’s challenges and expressing oneself”

“Great show with fabulous young actors!”

“We are hooked and can’t wait for season 2!”

“Must see!”

“Worth the watch!”

“Amazing and Inspirational”

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