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The Story of Talisman

When a teen inherits a mysterious talisman from his beloved grandfather, alien forces and men with lust for its power begin threatening his life and those he loves.

Episode 1 – “Pilot”

Ryan struggles with the loss of his grandfather, while his mother, Virginia, offers him comfort and remembrance by giving Ryan his grandfather’s necklace. While Ryan and his friends Jimmy and Connor gather to watch a meteor shower in Pop’s honor, they see something strange in the sky.venture into the woods to investigate a once in a lifetime occurrence. New enemies, familiar and strange, begin to reveal themselves.

Episode 2 – “Into the Woods”

Ryan and Connor argue over their next move, while Jimmy is more decisive. They venture into the woods to investigate a once in a lifetime occurrence. New enemies, familiar and strange, begin to reveal themselves.

Episode 3 – “The New Normal”

Ryan, Jimmy and Connor gather to discuss previous events, while someone close to Ryan tries to keep up appearances. Connor pleads with Ryan to give up the talisman and Ryan drops a bombshell on his friends.

Episode 4 – “Revelations”

Jimmy and Connor react very differently to Ryan’s revelation. Connor and Ryan have words while Jimmy attempts to play mediator. Ryan bumps into a mysterious stranger who leaves him with more questions and one important answer. Connor enlists Jimmy’s help.

Episode 5 – “The Ties That Blind”

Connor freaks out and later finds an offer of help from an unfamiliar face. Ryan and Virginia have a strange interaction when Virginia checks on Ryan while he sleeps. Jimmy laments the tension between his friends to his mother.

Episode 6 – “Friends and Strangers”

Ryan uses advice from a stranger to unlock a mystery. Connor joins Ryan on a trip to find more answers. Jimmy worries when he doesn’t hear from his friends. Connor turns to a new friend.

Episode 7 – “The Ties That Blind”

Ryan gets a history lesson from Pop’s friend, while Connor conspires with Agent Gallo to save Ryan and Jimmy. Pop’s friend angers Ryan when he reveals something Ryan was unaware of. Jimmy and Connor arrange a meeting.

Episode 8 – “Bait and Switch”

Connor and Jimmy’s meeting doesn’t go as planned. Ryan and Virginia have a tense altercation after which Ryan receives a disconcerting phone call. Agent Gallo’s plan to help comes together.

Episode 9 – “The End of the Beginning”

Ryan attempts to help Jimmy and Connor, but ends up unleashing the talisman’s power with his uncontrolled anger. Things go from bad to worse when a new threat shows up. Ryan faces an uncomfortable truth and a difficult decision. The night sky reveals further complication.


James Yoder as Ryan Silva, Collin Roach as Jimmy Gardner, Jack Ligenza as Connor Caruso, Matt Ingemi as Gallo, Tricia Sullivan as Virginia Silva and Dan Berkey as Laszlo

Guest Starring

Dr. Sheryl Roach as Mrs. Gardner, Angela Preziuso as Aunt Janice’s Daughter and Michele Manning as Aunt Janice

Created by and Directed by

Wayne F. Cella

Written by

Wayne F. Cella and John Manning

Associate Director

Danny Gevirtz

Director of Photography

Danny Gevirtz

Executive Producers

Wayne F. Cella, John Manning

Produced by

Kris Mendoza, John P. Magee and Danny Gevirtz

In Association with

Maestro Filmworks


Covered Sun Films

Production Assistant

Jacqueline Skyler & Mark Naples

Gaffer & 1st AC

Weston Fahey

Sound Recorded by

Mark Nox and Dean Myers

Sound Design and Mix

Ernesto Suarez

Music by

“Superluminal” and “There’s Nothing For Us Here”

Performed by Remote Places From the EP “Nights and Weekends”

Used with Permission

Art/Title Designer

Robert Iacuzio Jr.

Edited by

Wayne F. Cella

Visual Effects by

Israel Soteldo, Furrkanul Mumin and Occlusion VFX

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