About Covered Sun Films

Covered Sun Films was founded in April, 2016 to promote short films and projects written and produced by Wayne Cella and John Manning . Two short films followed: the micro-short The Thing in the Basement in June 2016 and A Dime A Dozen in December 2016, which was co-written by Roc Creel.

In January 2018, John and Wayne collaborated on a short Sci Fi/Action script called Talisman. With script in hand, Covered Sun Films turned their sights toward casting the project and shot the short in August 2018. If all goes according to plan, Talisman will be spun off into a web series.

The Talisman trailer is live now. Watch it here. The rest of season 1 begins shooting in August with an eye toward a late 2019 release.

Stay Tuned…

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