Talisman Production Update #1

In January, I began working on a short film that I was hoping would serve as proof of concept for a web series I’ve been developing since 2015, called Event344. I had an idea for a story that centered on three friends who have an incredible experience one night while they gather to comfort their friend, who’s just lost someone very close to him.

The idea was solid, but I really wanted to inject some humor and snappiness to the dialogue. When I let John read my first draft, he really liked it. Inspired by a recent conversation/fun argument we’d had, he set about capturing the spirit of our argument and used it as the backdrop for these characters. All of the sudden, the characters popped.

Responsibilities and obligations in the real world often prevent me from pursuing what I love most — crafting stories and then turning them into films. With this really fun script sitting there collecting dust, I decided I wasn’t going to continue stalling. It was time to go after the dream instead of hoping I could find time.

I published a casting call and we began to take video auditions. We were incredibly fortunate to get to watch amazingly talented actors perform the lines we had written. It was an overwhelming experience and a tremendously difficult decision picking between such talented people. After much lamenting, we had our cast.

They’re beyond talented and even better people, which only makes us more excited to get this project off the ground.

Recently, we added Director of Photography Danny Gevirtz, a Philadelphia area native, to the project. Danny brings a host of experience with him and has even worked with James Yoder, the actor who will play one of the leads.

With everything falling into place, there’s only one thing left to do… make the movie. And we can’t wait to get started and to bring you a fun, energetic story that will introduce you to the Event344 universe.

This is only the beginning. We hope you’ll follow along with us as Covered Sun Films gears up for Talisman, which films in August.

Stay tuned for behind the scenes photos and updates.

James Yoder, who will be playing Ryan in Covered Sun’s new short film, Talisman.

Published by Wayne

I began writing stories at the age of 15, and began writing screenplays when I was 18. I filmed some very low quality shorts in my teens with my friends, which are lost forever. At 39, I started writing screenplays again and started to turn my attention to filmmaking. What you see on this site is some of the earlier work from that journey -- for better or worse. :) There's more on the way... stay tuned.

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