Insignificant Honored with 2 Nominations at NJ Web Fest

Just as the cast and crew were calling wrap on season 1 of insignificant, the pilot episode was honored with 2 major nominations at the New Jersey Web Festival.

Drew Margolis, an 18 year old actor from New Jersey was honored with a Best Actor in a Drama or Suspense nomination for his portrayal of Wes Connelly in Covered Sun’s upcoming series.

“Drew is a hard worker and put a lot into that role. I’m so excited to see him get this recognition for his performance. Of the 62 scenes we shot last year, Drew was in 44 of them. He really did some emotional heavy lifting. He definitely earned this!” Said writer/director Wayne Cella of Margolis.

In addition to the Best Acting nomination, insignificant was also nominated for Best Director for Wayne Cella.

“I have said it before and I’ll say it again: none of this happens without the vision, drive, and determination of Wayne. [He’s] put together an amazing team and made a lot of dreams of being involved in telling stories, including mine, come true.” Covered Sun co-founder, John Manning said recently.

“Making a film or a television show takes a village. None of this would have been possible without Nathan Minter, Tanisha Porreca, Asha Brown, Mark Nesbitt, Collin Roach, John Manning and the rest of the Covered Sun team. This story is very personal for me, so I’m honored to be nominated alongside some incredibly talented people.” Cella said.

The New Jersey Web Fest will take place in Montclair, New Jersey on September 22-25. The festival is among the best reviewed festivals in the world. Last year, Cella picked up Best Director in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy Series and Talisman won for Outstanding Sci-Fi Web Series.

For more information on the festival or how to see the world premiere of insignificant visit

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