Production Set to Begin on Season 1 of Insignificant

Cast and crew of Covered Sun Films’ series Insignificant

Covered Sun Films will go ahead with season 1 of the teen drama web series Insignificant created by Wayne Cella and co-written by Cella, Collin Roach and John Manning.

“We filmed the pilot episode in August 2021. Now, we’ll get the family back together to tell more of this important story.” Series creator, Wayne Cella said recently. “We’ve put together an amazing cast and crew, so we’re excited to get back to work. It’ll be like a family reunion. In some cases, we haven’t seen each other since we wrapped last year. It will be special to get everyone back together.”

Insignificant will add some new faces to the story this time around and Covered Sun is currently busy casting those new characters. The series should release to the public sometime in early 2023.

Season 2 of the series has already been written and will film sometime in 2023.

“There is a lot of this story to tell. There was no way we were going to get what we wanted into a single season, so we’ll definitely be doing a second season, at the very least.” Cella said.

Production of Insignificant is set for early August this year.

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