Collin Roach Interview as Blink Twice Trailer Drops

Covered Sun Films and Y.E.S Entertainment teamed up to produce the Collin Roach penned Blink Twice in August. Roach, a long time collaborator with CSF wrote the short in the fall of 2021 and starred in and directed it.

Covered Sun sat down with Roach on the day the trailer for the short film was released. Today, the trailer is released to the general public via YouTube.

What was the inspiration for Blink Twice? The idea of the film really spawned from boredom. I wrote the initial short film script while I was in my hotel room on the set of another film. We were filming in Lancaster, PA so the city really shut down early each day. I’d go back to my hotel room with not much to do, so I just began writing the first idea that came to me. From there, I began to really shape in into something I felt was special, taking inspiration from films like Fincher’s Seven, The Batman, and Euphoria.

What does it mean to you to be a first time director? My passion for acting was really born off of filmmaking. I’ve been writing films since I was 15 years old, so to now be 20 years old and directing my first film brought me right back to the feelings I had as a teenager coming up with film ideas.

Why did you choose this project to be your first? I think this was the first one that made sense to begin with. I have the tendency to just get lost in the art of writing. I write what I think would be the best story, not really thinking about the logistics of making the film. Blink Twice takes place in such a grounded, realistic world, but carries action suspense in a way that can be done reasonably.

Tell us what it was like working with this cast and crew. There were very few people on the set that I haven’t worked with before, so I came in really just excited to make a film with friends, it felt like. Every single person stepped up in ways that I never could’ve imagined, and honestly there is no greater feeling than a group of people working together to create a film that you wrote.

What other projects are working on? I’m currently developing the idea of a Blink Twice mini series that follows the events of this film, as well as drafting a script for a whole new project that I look to make next.

When can we expect to see Blink Twice? The goal is to hold a premiere around the holidays, and try to have the film have a run at the festival Circuit.

Why should people watch it? I like to think of this film as one that’s truly made for the mind. At face value it’s a fun suspenseful action thriller, but the deeper you dive into the film, the more layers you peel open.

Blink Twice stars Collin Roach as Colson Turner, Emily Jayne as Zoey Montebello, Keith Pichardo as Devin Ayton, Emily Hughes as Lily Robbins, Ashley Sites as Becca and Damien Berger as Agent Royce Rollins.

Collin Roach is a writer/director/actor and musician known for his roles in Covered Sun’s series Talisman and insignificant. Roach has also appeared in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, and the upcoming film Brave the Dark. Roach has also released several hip-hop and pop albums, with his latest being Back from Forever and Try Again Tomorrow.

To keep up with the latest information about the film and behind the scenes pictures and content, follow the film on Instagram @blinktwicefilm.

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